All CG Employees are required to register themselves in the system of AADHAR Enabled Bio-metric Attendance System

All CG Employees are required to register themselves in the system of AADHAR Enabled Bio-metric Attendance System - Dopt notification

Introduction of AADHAR enabled bio-metric attendance system

G.I., Dep. of Per. & Trg., O.M.F.No.11013/9/2014-Estt.A-III, dated 28.1.2015

Sub: Introduction of AADHAR enabled bio-metric attendance system.

The undersigned is directed to refer to Secretary, DEITY’s DO letter no. SSD/DeitY/BAS/2014-74 dated 23.12.2014 (copy enclosed), observing that in many offices there is a large difference between the number of registered employees and the number of employees marking their attendance in the Biometric attendance system (BAS). The Secretaries of all Ministries / Departments have been requested to issue directions to all employees to mark their attendance in BAS Portal on regular basis.

 2. As per the Guidelines issued vide O.M. No.11013/9/2014-Estt.A-III dated 21.11.2014, it has been decided to use an AADHAR Enabled Bio-metric Attendance System (AEBAS) in all offices of the Central Government, including attached / sub ordinate offices, in India. All employees are, therefore, required to register themselves in the system and mark their attendance. Instructions already exist for dealing with cases of late attendance/ unauthorized absence, which may be followed.

 3. It is requested that necessary directions may be issued to all employees to mark their attendance in BAS portal on regular basis.

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Anonymous said…
First of all, one would say that this is the gift to the voters, a major chunk of govt employees in delhi, who voted for a change. What an irony that on the one hand lakhs of people are sleeping without a roof and striving to meet two ends of a day with a glass of water and two roties. . 1000 of acres of public land has been encroached by unscrupulous elements. Roads are filled with flits and garbage. Schools do not even have basic infrastructure and toilets. Public toilets are a rare scene in many Indian cities including NCR. Problems of drinking water, food security, unemployment, black money, tax evasion, disproportionate assets and endless problems , where as on the other hand, politicians and political parties are unauthorizedly occupying govt bungalows without any action, elected representatives are allotted sprawling bungalows nearby the offices. They are provided with good number of post modern cars with drivers on demand at 24 x 7 on public expenses. En-number of servants for each work.

Major portion of common people are residing in far ends of the city/NCR and totally dependent on public transport. The statistics says 25 Lakh vehicles are running on Delhi roads. Metro is the only relief which is also getting overcrowded day by day. And there has always been a dual standard in the timings of parliament and govt offices. Working time of parliament is 11.00 AM to 06.00PM where as the timing of govt offices is 09.00 AM to 05.30PM.

Instead of finding solutions to the en-number of problems the era of good governance has jumped in-to one point agenda of maintaining punctuality. What the peoples' expectation was quite different , due attention to un-attended areas, gradual but steady solutions to the problems, from the dynamic new govt through the moto of good governance and not the old outdated method of checking attendance registers.

No doubt punctuality is to be maintained but not by adopting stringent measures but by adopting uniform standards for all institutions including parliament and ofcourse introducing flexy timing as has been recommended by the 6th pay commission.

These are only views of a common man who just want to remind the media the realities if not come across. Hope media as the pillar of democracy, will give the due protection and uphold the spirit of equality by exposing the anomalies.

Any way the resentment on discrimination on dual standards will definitively reflect in coming elections.
Anonymous said…
punctuality? yes, it is a must, agreed. Same time, the Government, as the custodian of the Constitution, should learn to respect Court verdicts. One MUST know 'Aadhar is NOT mandatory, but voluntary'. Two interim judgements of Hon'ble Supreme Court clearly direct that "Aadhar is NOT compulsory; no government agency or department should compel any individual to submit Aadhar.For the reason that one has NO Aadhaar, no government agency or department should deny service." This is very clear. Before making any comments on Aadhar related matters, I humbly like to remind all my friends that the final disposal of all Aadhar related cases is still pending before the Constitutional Bench. As such, the Aadhar-enabled attendance system, as forced by DOPT, Railways or any other department, is a clear violation of Supreme Court verdicts. As I said in the opening, Government, as the custodian of the Constitution, should honour the Supreme Court verdicts and wait for the final disposal of Aadhar cases, instead of indirectly forcing everyone to get Aadhar. Iqbal Ahamed, Chennai
At the outset, I oppose the system of Aadhar because it attempts to encroach into the privacy of each and every individual and may be used to curtail subsidies and other controls. I also oppose linking Aadhar to the attendance system. However, we have to understand that as a Government Servant, the Supreme Court stay on use of Aadhar might not be applicable to Government Employees. Since, Government Employees are not denied any service applicable to citizens of India by virtue of non linking Aadhar to their attendance or whatsoever. The Conduct Rules makes us vulnerable. The over reaching power of the Government on employees is not understood by Mr. Iqbal Ahamed. The whole system of Aadhar is the thing we have to oppose, of course along with fellow citizens, and not the question of applying it to Govt. Servants for administrative purposes. We cannot win on that score.

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