Declaration of the National Convention of Workers, held at New Delhi, on 04.09.2012

Declaration of the National Convention of Workers, held at New Delhi, on 04.09.2012



This National Convention of Workers held on 4th September, 2012 at Talkatora Stadium. New Delhi, participated by workers representatives from all over India from all sectors, expresses its deep concern and anguish at the total non-response of the Govt. to address the burning Issues of the working people viz containing price-rise, universalisation of social security rights for unorganized sector workers, ensuring proper minimum wages, mass scale contractorisation, rampant violation of labour laws and onslaught on trade union rights etc., despite consistent persuasion by all in united platform of the entire trade union movement in the country through various forms of countrywide programmes and agitations in a democratic manner since last three years. Such non-response of Govt. to the all-in-united activities and persuasion by trade unions is nothing but an affront on the democratic rights and aspirations of the working people of the country, which the trade union movement cannot accept lying down.

While condemning the government for Its inaction and total indifference towards the miserable plights of the working people who keep the wheel of the economy moving, this National Convention strongly opposes the move of the Govt. to curtail budgeted allocations for pro-people employment and welfare schemes like NREGA and ICDS meant for rural populace and women and child care respectively. The Govt. is hell bent upon carrying the financial reforms by amending the bank and insurance laws to allow entry of MNCs and Corporates in these vital sectors and also pushing through the privatization process in phases through disinvestment of shares in blue chip PSUs In the core and strategic sectors of the economy. The Govt. is gifting natural and mineral resources of the country to corporates and MNCs paving the way for their loot.
Labour law violations are on increase, corporates have been given tree hand to suppress democratic trade union rights including the basic right of forming a trade union and increase in deployment of contract labour on jobs of regular nature. Many millions of workers employed to run several central govt. schemes, like ICDS, ASHA, mid-day-meal, sarva-silksha etc are being denied even the statutory minimum wages and associated rights. The state administration has become subservient to MNCs, and Corporates. The recent unfortunate incident in Maruti Suzuki Plant in Manesar and its aftermath including arrest of 150 workers and dismissal of over 500 workers is a glaring instance of corporate govt. nexus.

It appears the govt. is bent upon continuing the same anti people economic policy even seeking to enact legislations that run contrary to the interest of working people and their social security rights besides generating a severe recessionary impact on the national economy. The growth of economy is as low as 5.2 and index of industrial production declining to less than 1 percent with unemployment situation aggravating severely.

The Convention expresses its deep concern at the refusal of the Central Govt. to respond to the just demands of the united platform of trade unions on which the country had witnessed, as never before, a massive general strike on 28th February 2012.

This Convention while taking note of the precarious economic situation of the country, steep rise in the price of essential goods and commodities and all out attack on trade union aid social security rights and rampant labour law violations decides to further intensify the joint struggles, that were being carried out lot last three years on the following demands.

While reiterating the live point demands formulated jointly by the Central Trade Unions and Federations for 1) concrete measures to contain price rise, 2) concrete measures for employment generation, 3) strict enforcement of labour laws, 4) universal social security cover for organized and unorganized workers and creation of National Social Security Fund and 5) stoppage of disinvestment in Central and State PSUs/ Undertakings, the National Convention demands immediate action by the Govt. of India to ensure :-
  • No Contractorisation of work of permanent/perennial nature and payment of wages and benefits to the contract workers at the same rate as available to the regular workers of the industry/establishment
  • Amendment of Minimum Wages Act to ensure universal coverage irrespective of the schedules and fixation of statutory minimum wage at not less than Rs.10,000/- linked with cost price Index.
  • Remove all ceilings on payment and eligibility of Bonus, Provident Fund; Increase the quantum of gratuity.
  • Assured Pension for all
  • Compulsory registration of trade unions within a period of 45 days and immediate ratification of the ILO Conventions Nos. 87 and 98.
The National Convention adopts the following action programme to press for once again the above burning issues facing the working people:

  1. Stated / district / sector level Joint Conventions during September, October and November 2012
  2. Satyagraha /Jail Bharo / Court Arrest on 18th / I9th December2012 in all the states through out the country
  3. March to Parliament on 20th December2012 (mobilization by the unions from the states adjoining Delhi)
  4. Countrywide Two Days General Strike on 20th and 21st February 2013.

The National Convention appeals to the working people of the country and their unions/federations irrespective of affiliations to respond in a massive way the call for countrywide united struggle and participate enmasse in the action programmes formulated by this all-in united platform of workers and employees to press for these vital demands embracing all sections of the toiling class.


Independent Federations of Workers and Employees


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