Meeting with FM - Update news from AICEIA

In continuation of the meeting chaired by the Secretary (Revenue) on 23.07.2009, a meeting was called by the JS (Per) of Expenditure Ministry. The President and SG attended the meeting. Representatives of the ITEF and Customs Preventive Federation also attended. In the course of the meeting, the Expenditure Authorities conceded that it is not possible to merge the cadres of STA and Inspector due to functional distinction. However they were not ready to commit on the upgradation to Rs. 4600/- and instead they suggested some alternate measures like 2-3- 4 additional increments/ higher start in the pay band/ putting 80% of Inspectors in Rs. 4600/- and the rest in Rs. 4200/- who will move to Rs. 4600/- after 4 years/ clarification that promotion from STA to Inspector would entail FR 22 fixations. We categorically stated that none of the suggestions would solve the problem faces by the cadre. They even suggested that all the Inspectors presently on the rolls can be granted Rs. 4600/- and the subsequent entrant would be in Rs. 4200/- . When we stood to our stand the meeting was prorogued by the JS (P) stating that they would report to the RS and after that the decision would be communicated.

Met the US IFU to pursue the representation against the Dy Controller of Accounts letter regarding Grade Pay on receipt of ACP under the 99 scheme. We breifed him and requested to expedite the matter.

Met Member (P&V) and registered our protest in permitting ICT on spouse joining ground on without loss of seniority principle and expending the order to promotional posts also. The Member agreed to have a relook.

However, we shall continue our agitation program till we receive a positive communication from the Government.
Source: AICEIA


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