KV Admission Class-1 Admission – Check Lottery Result

KV Admission Class-1 Admission – Check 
Lottery Result

Provisionally selected RET, SGC, DA, SC, ST and 
Service Categories candidate list for admission 
in class -1 session 2019-20

KV Class-1 Admission – Lottery Result
KV School Name Result Link
KV GOC (SR) Trichy http://www.kvgoctry.in/News
KV Ashok Nagar Chennai http://www.kvashoknagar.ac.in/
KV island Grounds http://www.kvislandgrounds.ac.in/
KV IIT Chennai http://www.kviitchennai.ac.in/
KV No.1 AFS Tambaram http://www.kv1tambaram.ac.in/
KV CLRI, Chennai http://www.kvclrichennai.ac.in/
KV AFS Avadi, Chennai http://www.kvafsavadi.ac.in/
KV Annangar, Chennai http://www.kvannanagar.ac.in/
KV Minambakkam, Chennai http://www.kvminambakkam.ac.in/
KV Thiruvannamali http://www.kvtvmalai.ac.in/
KV DRDO, Bengaluru https://www.kvdrdo.net/
KV Avadi, Chennai https://www.kvocfavadi.ac.in/
KV No.1 Hubli http://www.kv1hubli.ac.in/
KV Silchar https://www.kvsrosilchar.com/
KV Vasco-Do-Gama, Goa http://www.kenvid1vasco.org/
KV Rohtak http://www.kvrohtak.in/
KV OCF-29 Chandigarh https://www.kvocf29chd.com/
KV Malda http://www.kvmalda.in/
KV Lucknow Cantt http://www.kvlkocantt.edu.in/Admission
KV Vikaspuri, Delhi http://kvvikaspuri.edu.in/archive.php
KV No.1 Salt Lake https://www.kv1saltlake.net/
KV Class-1 Admission – Lottery Result
KV School Name Result Link
KV No.1 Jammu http://www.kvno1jmu.edu.in/
KV No.2 Sagar https://www.kv2sagar.com/
KV No.2 (Army Area) Pathankot https://www.kv2pathankot.com/
KV No.2 HAPP, Trichy http://www.kvtrichy2.ac.in/
KV MEG & Center http://www.kvmeg.net/kvmegbanglore/
KV IISC http://www.kviisc.ac.in/
KV ONGC, Mehsana http://www.kvongcmehsana.org/
KV No.2 Sadras, Kalpakkam http://www.kv2kalpakkam.ac.in/
KV No.1 Kalpakkam http://www.kvkalpakkamone.ac.in/
KV BEG & C, Roorkee http://www.kv1roorkee.ac.in/
KV Aluva https://www.kvnadaluva.gov.in/index.php


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