Recognised Political Parties Participating in 17th Lok Sabha General Election: Request to include demands in Election Manifestos

Recognised Political Parties Participating in 17th Lok Sabha General Election: Request to 
include demands in Election Manifestos

Bharatiya Pratiraksha Mazdoor Singh
(An All India Federation of Defence Workers)
(An Industrial Unit of B.M.S.)

REF: BPMS/ Cir/ 18th TC/ 5

Dated: 12.03.2019
The Office Bearers & CEC Members
Bharatiya Pratiraksha Mazdoor Sangh
The General Secretaries/ Presidents
Unions affiliated to this federation

Recognised Political Parties Participating in 17th Lok Sabha General Election: Request to include demands in Election Manifestos.

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

Sadar Namaskar

It is for your kind information that this federation along with two other recognized federations has decided to submit to all Recognised Political Parities, National/ State Level the demands/ issues of Defence Civilian Employees for inclusion in their manifestos of 17th Lok Sabha General Election.

The issues are as under

1. Self Reliance in Defence Preparedness through State Owned Defence Industries viz Ordnance Factories, DRDO, Army Workshops, Ordnance Depots, Supply Depots, DGQA etc.

As you are well aware with the issue, State Owned Defence Industries are facing serious challenges/ threats these days. It is prime responsibility of Govt to safeguard the existence of these industries in interest of the Nation and take steps so that it may flourish and provide job opportunities to citizen of India. But of late Govt made various decisions regarding these establishments led to total destruction of these industries.

Burning Issues/ Challenges of Industries

1. Categorization of more than 275 products being manufactured in the Ordnance Factories as “Non-Core”.

2. Transfer of technology developed by DRDO to Private Sectors depriving
Ordnance Factories & DPSUs.

3. Large scale outsourcing of work of more than 1.5 lakh Civilian Posts depriving Young generation with Permanent Job.

4. Induction of 100% FDI in Defence Sector.

5. Privatization of Defence Industries by adopting various models like GOCO etc.

6. Denial of Job to trained Trade Apprentices.

7. Closure of various defence establishments like Ordnance Depots, Military Farms, Army Postal Establishments etc.

8. Inclusion of Third Party Inspection at the cost of DGQA/ DGAQA etc.

Our Proposal that is to be included:

“To achieve self reliance in defence expand, develop and strengthen the state owned Defence Industry and to ensure full capacity utilization of these Industries.”

2. National Pension System

Govt introduced a contributory pension system under National pension system for all Central Govt employees recruited on or after 01.01,2004 and deprived them of very elementary benefits of old age social security by denying CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972 to them. The employees have been opposing this pension system since its introduction because it lacks the following essential benefits

1. No guarantee of any Minimum Pension under this scheme.

2. No safeguard from Price rise in absence of element of Dearness Allowance.

3. Absence of additional Pension on attaining the age of 80 Years/ 85 Years/ 90 Years/ 95 Years/ 100 Years.

4. No safeguard to Missing employees.

5. Absence of Compulsory Retirement Pension, Compassionate Pension etc.

Both Legislative Body and Executive Body are responsible for well functioning of Administration. Both get their dues from Consolidated Fund of India. It is discriminatory that Executive Body has been deprived of its old age security especially lower rung employees would suffer the most.

Our Proposal to be included:

National Pension System will be scraped and CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972 will be implemented for all Central Govt Employees.

3. Appointment on Compassionate Grounds

The appointment on compassionate ground is an exception to the equality clause under Article 14. If an employee dies while in service then according to rule framed by the Central Government or the State Government, appointment to one of the dependants shall not be considered violation of Articles 14 and 16 of the Constitution because this exception has been provided through various rules only to mitigate the hardships of deceased employee family suffering from scarcity of very trivial things of daily life due to the death of sole bread winner of the family and sudden misery faced by the members of the family of such employee who serves the Central Government or the State Government.

A lot of Employees working under MoD are dealing with hazardous and risky operations. Because they are exposed to various hazardous chemical and other materials, they are developing various illness sometimes led to their deaths.

Proposal to be included:

One time relaxation would be provided to offer appointment on compassionate grounds to all the applicants waiting for years in MoD.

5% ceiling would be removed and 100% appointment would be made on compassionate ground.

Employees who die/ incapacitate in accident while performing their official duties, Compassionate appointment would be made straight away without any delay.

Thanking You

Brotherly Yours
General Secretary
Copy to:
1. The General Secretary, Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh, New Delhi
2. The In-Charge, BPMS, Pune
3. The Secretary General, GENC, Kanpur
– For kind information please

Source: BPMS


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