When does the family pension commence?

When does the family pension commence? 

The family pension commences after the death of the pensioner…

Payment of Pensions to Central Government and State Government Pensioners through Centralized Pension Processing Cell (CPPC)

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

16. When does the family pension commence? 
Ans: The family pension commences after the death of the pensioner. The family pension is payable to the person indicated in the PPO on receipt of a death certificate and application from the family member of pensioner.

17. In case of Family Pension, which office should the dependents approach? 
Ans: The Home Branch through which pension had been paid to the pensioner will be the contact point in the case of Family Pension also.

The family member of pensioner, as indicated in the PPO, has to visit the Branch from where the pension was being released every month, with the following documents:
Death Certificate of the pensioner (original plus one photocopy) the original will be returned after verification by the bank. Non remarriage certificate and non-employment certificate to be submitted. Simple declaration to be attested by the Bank official or any gazetted officer. The Performa will be available at the Branch.

Life Certificate of the family pensioner along with other mandatory Certificates and an Undertaking if FMA granted to Central Civil Pensioner on prescribed proforma (These Certificates and Undertaking are also mandatory to submit to Bank once every year in the month of November).
Once all the documents are processed, the family pension will start from next month and the same will be paid along with arrears if any.

18. What is the Eligibility & Procedure for granting of Fixed Medical Allowance (FMA)?
Ans: At the time of retirement, pensioners have the option to select Fixed Medical Allowance or Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) Treatment Facility. If a Central Govt. Pensioner is not a member of CGHS and opted for Fixed Medical Allowance, the Fixed Medical Allowance may be granted to the pensioner and will be paid on the monthly basis. In this regard pensioner has to submit an undertaking on prescribed proforma every year alongwith other necessary Certificates However if the pensioner wants to change the option or to know the other provisions/ details regarding CGHS etc., may contact his/her Department.

19. When should life certificate be submitted? 
Ans: As per Govt. instructions, life certificate, duly witnessed, should be submitted to the any Pension Paying Branch in the month of November every year. The Life Certificate form will be available at our branches or can be downloaded from onlinesbi, or you can also download the form from the Government website cpao.nic.in.

20. Where should the pensioner submit his/her life certificate? 
Ans: The pensioner can submit life certificate at any branch of the Bank either in person or through his/her authorized representative. The receiving official will acknowledge receipt of the Life Certificate.


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