Retirement Age 62 - Proposal for raising Retirement Age to 62 waits for Cabinet Nod

Retirement Age 62 - Proposal for raising Retirement Age to 62 waits for Cabinet Nod

Proposal for raising Retirement Age to 62 waits for Cabinet Nod

We have heard it so many times . Every one of us got tired of hearing this rumour again and again. But this time this news may not fade away just as a rumour.

Because the series of events that had happened until now listed below are telling that it will be come true soon.

1. Though there is no any demand from any corner to raise the retirement age of central government employees to 62 years, a parliamentary panel has recommended a proposal to increase the retirement age of government servants to 65 years. The report of the standing committee of Parliament on social justice and empowerment tabled in the Parliament on 7th of this month. Ample justification also was given for their recommendation to increase the retirement age.

2. A reliable source close to a Cabinet Minister told that, the Cabinet Minister himself, while addressing to the Trade Union Wing of his party told ‘the Central Government would announce some important decisions in respect of central government employees within a week or two. This will be good news for all the central government employees.’

3. A close ally of a Central Minister told that, in a meeting held with the leaders of the state unit of his party day before yesterday, the Minister told the Leaders ‘a proposal of increasing retirement age of central government employees to 62 years has been waiting for Cabinet nod. It is expected that the cabinet will clear this proposal within a week. After it gets the Cabinet Nod, the formal announcement will be made by Central Government before the Election announcement.’

The above information clearly indicates that some Good News for central Government Employees are waiting to be announced within a week or two. All the central government employees know what that good news is!

 The expected good news will be either increasing retirement age or Merging 50% DA with Basic Pay or Both!


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Saturday, February 08, 2014


Anonymous said…
We have already completed 15 years of service in one rank, if Government would increase the retirement age, it would create more stagnation for the employees. So, Government must think that point, which may harm in coming general elections
Anonymous said…
Govt is thinking keeping the general election in mind but actually age should be reduce to 55 in order to create job chances to the young Indians
Anonymous said…
Govt is playing with young Indians by increasing the age of retirement Youth will show their power in General election .
Anonymous said…
Let the youth get the employment opportunity. We youngsters are waiting for government job opportunities, please pave way for us and kindly do some justice for the youth.
Anonymous said…
youth of India will show their protest in the election by voting against the party/govt if retirement age is extended to 62 years.govt. Jobs to young and promotion avenue to the existing employees to be facilitated by not raising the age of superannuation.
Anonymous said…
Increase the retirement age to 62.
Don't worry about the inexperienced youth.
Experience matters
Anonymous said…
Govt should reduce the age to 55 the talented young generation are looking for job opportunity,
P. KUMAR said…
Even though I am a central Government servant, I am totally oppose for increasing retirement age from 60 to 62 as over all efficiency of central Government servants has gone down considerably and it would not any way help for the next Government for implementing its policies and programmes apart from denying job opportunity to rightful youth.
Unknown said…
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