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Restructuring of Cadre of Artisan staff in Defence Establishments in modification of recommendations of 6th CPC

No.11(5)2009 D(Civ-I)
Government of India
Ministry of Defence
New Delhi, the 14th June, 2010
The Chief of Army Staff
The Chief of Air Staff
The Chief of Naval Staff
& all Heads of Inter Services Organizations.

Subject:- Restructuring of Cadre of Artisan staff in Defence Establishments in modification of recommendations of 6th CPC.


The matter regarding revision of pay scale of Master Craftsman in Defence Establishments has been under consideration of the Government of quite some time. Now in partial modification of the 6th CPC recommendations made in para 3.8.27 of its report and amendment made in Civilian in Defence Services (Revised Pay) Rules, 2008, vide SRO 11(E) dated 28.8.2009, I am directed to convey the sanction of the President of restructuring of cadre of Artisan Staff in Defence Establishment as under,

2. The grade structure in the industrial as well as in the non-industrial trades, wherever already available and the pay scales of the Defence artisan staff shall stand modified w.e.f. 1.1.2006 as under:

(i) Skilled – Pay Band PB-1 Grade Pay Rs.1900
(ii) Highly Skilled Grade II – Pay Band PB-1 Grade Pay Rs.2400
(iii) Highly Skilled Grade I– Pay Band PB-1 Grade Pay Rs.2800
(iv) Master Craftsman – Pay Band PB-2 Grade Pay Rs.4200

3. (a) Wherever the grade structure in the Industrial as well as Non-Industrial trades is already existing in the ratio of 45:55, the erstwhile Skilled and High Skilled, and 25% of Highly Skilled in the grade of Master Craftsman, the following will apply,

• 45% of the posts may be granted the pay scale of Skilled Worker (Grade Pay of Rs.1900 in the Pay Band PB-1)

• 25% of the remaining 55% may granted the pay scale of MCM (Grade pay of Rs.4200 in the Pay Band PB-2), and

• The remaining posts may be divided in a ratio of 50:50 and redesignated as Highly Skilled Worker Grade-II (Grade Pay of Rs.2400 in Pay Band PB-I) and Highly Skilled Worker Grade-I (Grade Pay of Rs.2800 in Pay Band PB-I).

(b) The Placement of the individuals in the posts resulting from the restructuring shall be made w.e.f. 1.1.2006, in relaxation of the conditions, if any, i.e. trade test etc. as one time measure.

(c) Highly Skilled Grade I shall be en-bloc senior to Highly Skilled Grade II

4. (i) The post of Master Craftsman shall be part of the hierarchy and the placement of Highly Craftsman of Highly Skilled Grade I in the grade of Master Craftsman will be treated as promotion.

(ii) In the case of Defence Establishments where there is no category of Skilled Workers and direct recruitment’s made 100% at the level of Highly Skilled, the posts of Master Craftsman existing as on 1.1.2006 will be placed in PB-2 + GP 4200 and the remaining posts of Highly Skilled Workers may be bifurcated in HS-I in the ratio of 50:50.

(iii) In view of the above re-structuring, the artisan staff may be allowed to give revised option for pay fixation w.e.f. 1.1.2006 within these months from the date of issue of orders in this regard.

(iv) The existing recruitment rules for the Tradesman may be amended and RRs for the post of MCM may be framed accordingly.

5. The expenditure involved will be dehitable to the respective Heads of Defence Services Estimates.

6. To the extent of provisions indicated in the paragraphs above MoD letter No. 11(1)/2002-D(Civ-I) dated 20.5.2003 stands amended.

7. This issues with the approval of DOP&T U.O. No.5358/10/CR dated 25.2.2010 and Ministry of Finance I.D. No.2(16)E.III Desk/2008 dated 10.06.2010 and concurrence of Ministry Defence (Finance AG/PB) vide their U.O. No.164/AG/PB dated 14.06.2010.

(M.S. sharma)
Under Secretary of the Government of India

Source: CGStaffNews


pushparajan said…
it is for late action, more then sixmonths was awaited for some bottle neck for the trade unionist, and safe movement. we the affected innoccent Empolyees loosing thier benifit.
it is realy I.R in india.
any way we welcome to this late order but it is final or ……….
sonu8 said…
Welcomed, the order for granting benefits to Gde-I and II skilled. The promotion to Gde-II and I is on the basis of units. An employee got a promotion from skilled to gde-II/I in four years. Now as per order he will get gde pay 2800 being gde-I wef 1.1.2006 or 42 artisan. Stenographer serving since 12 years not yet promoted. MACP also will be given wef Sep 2008 in hierarchy in the gde pay 2800/-. May I know govt will give any benefits to stenographers, since responsible post. Office moves round a stnographer. if he will not come, all related work held-up and nobody can do. Hoping govt will also think about stenographres gde-III
sonu8 said…

As pr order issued only industrial employees are affected in defence. Non-industrial employees not relates to this order because the order pertains to skilled and highly skilled . Kindly also restructure the trade of stenographersGde-III/II (non-industrial) and give benefits to them. Clear the same by orders. I shall be very thankful to know favorable response
Anonymous said…

May I know this order affects the non-industrial workers also in defence establishements, as reflected in order issued.
pushparajan said…
most welcome sir,
please conformation from the impleamendation time.
1). with effect from 01.01.2006 ok how to calculate 5000 X 1.86 or 4500 x 1.84.
2). this cadre is under IE's or NGO's.
3). this MCMs are enrolled/continued trade union.
thanking you for
congratulations to all those who welcome the said letter actually this letter is very nice for those who belongs the part-II cadre whose entry qualification is 10th or 12th or ITI and have been availed three or four promotions till now (from GP 1800 to 2400) and working on a tuff but not difficult job.

But think about those employees who were directly recruited in grade pay of 2400/- (previously 4000-6000)with entry qualification B.Sc. or Diploma or 12th+ I.T.I. and did not availed any promotion after completion of there 8 years service working on very sophisticated jobs with involvement of computers, Software/hardware , RADAR, Telecom, Micro processors, Micro controllers and many more which is being done by a Engineer in a private firm.

All the above comments of mine are not to hurt any one but to expose the pain of my heart.

Thanks A Lot
pushparajan said…
what is going on this matter. like this work retain the Charge man replaced but how to calculate the vacancies and other formalities.
not a promotional post only the placement of Charge man.
Unknown said…
as per mod order how qulifying service to pramotion skilled to Hs-II,,and
Hs-II to Hs -I
and Hs - I to MCM post
Our policy grade II,,I,MCM post ke liye har grade me kitne years srevice qulify
honi chahie please details forward kare

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