While discussions during the second meeting of the National Anomaly Committee held on 27th March 2010 and decided to constitute a Joint Committee to examine the anomalies pertaining to the Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme (MACPS). Eight items have been discussed in the First Meeting of the Joint Committee held on 25.02.2010.
Shri.Umraomal Purohit
Above four Staff side Members are attended the meeting under the Chairmanship of Joint Secretary Establishment DOPT.

General Secretary of Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers Mr.K.K.N.Kutty has written in his blog regarding the eight discussions points with DOPT Chairman. We reproduce the full text of content under here...


Joint Committee on MACP met today under the chairmanship of Joint Secretary Establishment of DOPT. Following issues were discussed:

1. Item No:1:Provide Grade Pay of the next promotional post under MACP.

Staff Side pressed for placement in the Grade Pay of the Promotional Post instead of next higher Grade Pay in the hierarchy of revised Pay Band and Grade Pay. It was insisted because the career progression only means the promotion in the hierarchy and not to a Grade Pay which is not present in the hierarchy of the respective department.

The Staff Side also gave an alternative that first two MACPs after 10 and 20 years should be to the next promotional post as per the hierarchy of respective department as under the erstwhile ACP scheme and thereafter the third MACP in the next Grade Pay of the Revised Pay Band and Grade Pay.

2. Item No:2:Date of Effect.

It was demanded that MACP scheme may be introduced with effect from 1.1.2006. A scheme which has been recommended by the 6th CPC will be not available to those employees who have opted for revised pay scales w.e.f. 1.1.2006 but had retired or died before 1.9.2008, which is very anomalous.

3. Item No:3:Option for earlier ACP Scheme.

Staff Side pointed out that the benefit which employees were getting through two ACPs after 12 and 24 years of service is much higher than the benefit that they will get under MACP after three financial upgradations. It was therefore urged that the service conditions which were available to the existing employees cannot be adversely revised and if that happens then an option to retain the old scheme is inherent. And if the present MACP is not converted to hierarchical pattern, then at least an option may be given to retain the erstwhile scheme of ACP.

4. Item No:7:Grant of financial upgradation between 1.1.2006 and 31.8.2008.

In Para 9 of the DOPT OM dated 19.5.2009, it had been provided that earlier ACP scheme will continue to operate for the period from 1.1.2006 to 31.8.2008. However, this is not being allowed to officials who have opted for revised Pay Band and Grade Pay with effect from 1.1.2006. In some offices, it is being insisted that financial upgradation under the earlier ACP would be granted only in the pre-revised pay scales and they will have to opt for the revised pay scales only from the date they are granted the financial upgradation under earlier ACP. It was demanded that earlier ACP benefit may be given also to those officials who have come over to the Revised Pay Band and Grade Pay with effect from 1.1.2006.

5. Item No:8:Anomaly on introduction of MACP Scheme.

By an illustration in respect of Junior Engineer of CPWD, it has been pointed out that under earlier ACP they will go up to the revised Pay Band 3 with Grade Pay of 6600/- on completion of 24 years of service, whereas under the MACP Scheme, even after 30 years of service and getting third MACP they will get the Grade Pay of 5400/- only in PB-2. This is obviously less advantageous and therefore the demand for option to retain the old ACP scheme has been insisted.

The Official Side indicated that they will consider all these demands and in the next meeting they will indicate how far they can go.

6. Item No:4: Applicability of MACP Scheme to Group D employees who have been placed in the Grade Pay of 1800/-.

The DOPT had already stated that all promotions and upgradations granted under ACP Scheme of 1999 in the post of four pay scales S-1, S-2, S-3 and S-4 shall be ignored for the purpose of MACP. In other words all the three MACP will be available to all the Group D employees who have since been placed in the grade pay of 1800/-. If an employee has completed 10 years of service he should be granted the GP of 1900/-; if completed 20 years of service he should be granted the GP of 2000/-; and if he has completed 30 years of service he should be placed in the GP of 2400/-. In some departments these MACP has not been granted to the Group D employees. The staff side therefore insisted an enabling clarificatory instructions may be issued. The Official Side agreed to issue such clarificatory instructions.

7. Item No:5: Counting 50% of service rendered by Temporary Status CLs for reckoning 10,20, and 30 years of service under MACP scheme.

It was pointed out that the Railways have already issued orders for counting 50% of service rendered by Temporary Status Casual labourers for reckoning 12 and 24 years of service under the old ACP scheme. It was also pointed out that Courts have also ordered that total service rendered as TS CLs may be counted for the purpose of ACP. The Official Side were of the opinion that 50% of service rendered by TS CLs has been counted only for the purpose of pension. The Staff Side pointed out that the TS CLs have been granted all the facilities admissible to a Temporary Employee in respect of leave, increment, pay scale etc and therefore this may be deemed as a regular service for the purpose of MACP also as has been done by the Railways. The Official Side wanted the order of the Railway Department regarding ACP and the Orders of the Courts for their examination.

8. Item No:6: Supervised staff placed in higher Grade Pay than that of the supervisor.

The Staff Side suggested that this item may be transferred to National Anomaly Committee item and discussed there. This has been agreed to. There are 23 more items which have been suggested by the Staff Side leaders of Railways. It was pointed out that leaders of other departments may also suggest many other anomalies related to MACP. The Staff Side stated that as and when these additional items are received they may be included in the Agenda for discussion in the subsequent meetings. The Official Side agreed to.


doniv said…
In continuation of my comment, this is to re-emphasize that the focus of the staff side should be on the introduction of the new MACP scheme and its applicability to the satisfaction of all. Discussion on merits and demerits of earlier ACP scheme should not be linked with MACP. It is the government who has introducted this new scheme and I am sure the government meant our career progression with the introudction of MACP though there exists some anomalies. So, let us put our suggestions and comments to the Joint Anomaly Committee for its improvement so that there becomes no room for juniors becoming seniors under this new scheme, so called MACP.
doniv said…
Please note that in the stenographers'cadre, the first entry is at the level of Grade-III. So their financial upgradations are as under:

(i)Ist financial upgradation is from Grade-III Steno to Grade-II (PA)

(ii) 2nd Financial upgradation is from Grade-II (PA) to Grade-I (PS)

(iii) 3rd Financial upgradation in the true spirit of career progression under MACP thus becomes due from PS to PPS (i.e. GP of 6600) either on completion of 10 years in the same GP or on completion of 30 years of service, whichever is earlier.

The above scenario is unlike LDCs whose financial upgradations are as under:

(i) Ist financial upgradation from LDC to UDC
(ii) 2nd from UDC to Assistant
(iii) 3rd from Assistant to SO (i.e. GP of 5400)

So, let us focus on getting promotional Grade Pays at the time of financial upgradations under MACP so that juniors do not jump over seniors.
Anonymous said…
I fully agreed with Mr doniv suggestion. Upgradations granted under old ACP had also not been impleted correctly. Though govt saying that old acp is fully applicable upto 31-08-2008 but personnel like me, who got fin upgradation after 1-1-2006 (I got on 21 Jul 2007) did not receive pay commiision arrear and suffered loss of more than Rs 50,000/-. Joint Committee may also look into these aspect before discussing remedy under macp, which may not be less than higher promotional post otherwise there may be no meaning of assured progression scheme. Bhagat.
Anonymous said…
CBI comes under DP&T. But in a Deptt. like CBI, the fate of the Stenographers-III is totally ruined. After implementation of MACP scheme, they have become totally helpless because they are not getting 25% as incentive as all the executive staff of CBI are getting for the last two years and after implementation of MACP scheme they are totally scaped from hirarchy grad pay i.e. Rs.4200,after completion of 10 years of service in the grade they have been merely placed in grade pay of Rs. 2800/-, it is totally orphange behabiour from the Stenographers-III (Gr.D) of CBI deptt.
Unknown said…
I got financial upgradation under old ACP scheme as on 13.05.2008. My old pay scale was 3050-4590/- and basic was Rs. 3725/-. As on 13.5.2008 I got the financial upgradation and my new pay scale was Rs. 4500-7000/- and my new basic was Rs. 4500/-. The grade pay was also changed from Rs. 1900/- to Rs. 2800/-. I want to know my pay fixation as on 01.07.2008.
Unknown said…
Item no 8 pertains to anomaly in respect of CPWD JE's on introduction of MACP.It is pointed out that Junior Engineers of MES are also facing the same discrimination. A JE in MES who completed 24 yrs of service before 31.08.2008, got 2nd ACP with a grade pay of Rs 6600/- in PB-3, whereas the people who completed it just after that (even after 1 day), will be given the grade pay of Rs 4800/- in PB-2 and they will never reach in PB-3.Within the same cadre there is huge difference of status, facilities and emoluments which is a big anomaly. The new ACP scheme should also based on hierarchy scale as was in old ACP scheme which was more beneficial to the employees.
kera said…
The meaning of ACP or MACP is assured career progression. The progression should be given on the basis of cadre hierarchy only. If it is given on the basis of grade pay hierarchy the purpose of the scheme for which it has been introduced is totally defeated. That means the MACP is only a mere eyewash. For staff who have not got any promotional avenues are only benefitting by this scheme and a staff getting Rs.100 or Rs.200 for slogging from 21st to 30th year of service without any promotion being given this pittance cannot be called a career progression.
Vit said…
I am working in an institute under ICAR. Under the 6 CPC, the grade pay of PS at headquarters have been made as Rs.4800/- with four years Rs.5,400/- whereas the institute PS has been given the GP of Rs.4,600/- which is resulting in the ACP. The Ministry of Finance for its staff members have clarified that the persons in the pay scale of Rs.5,000/-8000 are entitled for Rs.4600 GP and persons who are in the pay scale of Rs.5500-9000 are entitled for Rs.4800/- In view of the above clarification, in my opinion for the purpose of MACP sake, the grade pay should be common to all over India and it should not be varied one department to another department.

sanjeev said…
if a person get macp in Grade pay of Rs. 4800 and now got promotion in Grade pay of Rs. 5400 in between jan to june. He has to placed in grade pay of Rs. 5400 and no fixation (3 %)is to be allowed.

Now the question arise what will be his next date of increment and how it wiil be calculated.

Suppose he got his promotion in june than its meant that he is not completing six moth in 1st of july. Denial of his normal increment is not seems to be appropriate.

What is to be done. Isn't it is a anomoly and a specific order is required from dopt in such type of cases.
As per MACP duu to merger of some cadres and chances of three upgradations, those who passed the test timely and promoted to higher post and bearing higher responsibilities is geting equal or lower grade than those who failed to meet the promotion conditios and bearing less responsibilities.This causes some kind of unrest and desp among employees.After geting upgradation the employee can refuse promotion to avoid responsibility and transfer without any financial lose.If the demand of promotion grade in MACP is allowed this problem will increase in some cadres.Also it will create a lazy administration.Actually the intention of previous ACP scheme was to give relief to those who meet all promotion conditions and not geting chance due to stagnation.Any way some categories MACP scheme is benificial and no problem for implementing.
Anonymous said…
The option to choose ACP or MACP is not a proper suggestion. The MACP is brought into achieve uniformity in financial upgradation to all equally. Under ACP scheme some officials were unduly benefits due to their pecurliar hierarchy which provided jumps to 2-4 level higher. Now those people want to retain their special benefit and advancing this formula. However, it is generally accepted that the MACP scheme should be implemented w.e.f. 1.1.06. There are some other anomalies which need to be cleared. For example promotion to GP of Rs.5400/- which is indicated in para 8.1.
Anonymous said…
Dear Anonymous,

You are telling unduly benefits is not justified. What you were getting in ACP Scheme in 5th pay Commission, MACP in sixth pay commission should be at par with ACP or more beneficial.
narender said…
sir iwant to draw that peon, ldc, udc recommended 1.86 method as per 6cpcommission but But in pay band 2,3,&4 that crite areea has been changedd. Why did not given equally percentage given to all. In 6 CPC has lost for peon, ldc and udcs. after ten year government is giving 2000 grade pay to ldc and now he is taking 1900 grade pay. Is not big anomaly that. so please cscs union and DOPT lookafter this case to sympathy. Every employee has family. There is no information about ldc/udc grade pay increasing news. and dopt has not prepare seniority list. CS.II please make sure promotion to all eligible employees. They are too looking for his promotions.
Anonymous said…
In subordinate offices even LDCs/UDCs are dealing hands, they deal with budget, parliament questions etc. But for promotions they have to wait for 20 years or more. The Assistants in subordinate offices have to look after all the work right from administration, budget, cash, General matters etc. You have hardly any staff as a result the staff become multi skilled. But in Ministries the Assistants are given stero type work but for promotion and grade pay they are treated at a higher leavel than the subordinate office Assistants and same is the case with Section Officer, when every body is qualifying the same examination and getting into Govt. Service why this anomally? Can DOPT look into this and do some justice to the subordiate office.
Anonymous said…
I would like to bring to the attention of the MACP Joint Committee on Anomalies that DOP&T should publish all clarifications and their solutions as done in the case ACP. My case is that I joined as Data Processing Assistant Grade-A on deputatuon on 28.06.1989 and got absorbed on 31.03.1993. I was promoted as Data Processing Assistnt Grade-B on ad-hoc basis on 06.03.2000 and regularised my ad-hoc service in the grade wef 13.06.2005. I have completed 20 years on 28.06.2009. Whether my deputation period from 28.06.1989 to 31.03.1993 is counted for MACP or not. In the earlier ACP, regular service means including deputation period. My office sought clarifiations from DOP&T on this issue and DOP&T has not clarified this point and still sleeping on file.
Devendra Bakhshi said…
Please tell me the next date of Meeting on Anomalies and item No. 1 Provide grade pay of next promotional post under MACP will be desided.
kishore said…

I was appointed in Dec 1987 (KVS, M/o HRD, Govt of India) (Shifted to Autonomous organisation under M/o MSME, Govt of India in the year Dec 1989, through proper channel) in the scale of 1400-40- and got the promotion in the year Oct 2001 in the pay scale of Rs.5500-9000 (Group B post). I will be completing 23 years by Dec 2010, So far I have not got any ACP/MACP except one promotion in Oct 2001. Now I am in the Grade pay of Rs 4200/-. When I will get ACP/MACP and scale of Pay after up gradation. As per Government decision that employees are permitted to revise their initial option up to 31.12.2010, If I get ACP/MACP, can I avail the revised option, so that I can get pay scale 9300 with Grade Pay of Rs 5400/-. Pl clarify.
N. Murali Kishore
sathyanandan said…
Sir, on repeated request the anomaly in the pay recommendations of Civilian Motor drivers in the Vth CPC & VI th CPC have not been looked into . ACP scheme should be granted wef 1996 to CMDs and the ratio of CMD Gde I and Special grade should also be merged.It is requested that our pray may please be considered in the National JCM meeting proposed to be held on 15.02.2011
Anonymous said…
Dear sir,
Why there is no MACP for Kendriya vidyalaya sangathan teachers.Who is behind this conspiracy.KVS teachers are neglected from most of the benefits and half pay leave type rules are implemented fast.Please help.
Anonymous said…
can anyone clarify whether apprentship period is counted or not for application of macp if yes can anyone send circular on my email address
Anonymous said…
I joined service on 13.03.1989 in the grade pay of Rs.4,200 /- (earlier 5000-9000). I got a promotion in 1996 to grade pay of Rs.4,200 (earlier 5500-9000). I still work in the grade pay of Rs.4,200 /-. My ministry never gave me any ACP or MACP even after repeated requests telling that I got a promotion in 1996. After merging of posts etc. my next promotion post is GP of 5400 /-. As per my Ministry, I may get GP of Rs.4,600 after 20 years i.e 2009 onwards, then after completion of 30 years in 2019 I will get GP of Rs.4,800 /-. This is very very bad. From 1989, my service ends in 2025, even I may not get a promotion and not even an ACP or MACP to my next promotional grade. I am qualified and have M.Sc, two B.Sc and hold 2 year Post Diploma in Engineering and 3 year Diploma in Engineering and presently doing my PhD. I still got 14 years of service remaining. In this condition, how will I feel to work honestly when I have nothing to hope for? The decision making officers are getting regular promotions and they do not understand the pain felt by people like us. Government should do something in such cases.
Anonymous said…
pharmacists enter in grade pay of Rs.2800. They get placement to grade pay of 4200 after two years of service. They will get Ist MACP after 10 year of total service or will get 2nd MACP after 10 years of placement in the grade of 4200. Please clarify.
Anonymous said…
Very precisely. The Govt. has excepted that there is anomaly in MACP, that is the reason such a highlevel meetings are being held.

Now, why the Govt. is taking time to remove this anomaly by taking decision as they do it in the case of increasing pay and allowances for the Member of Parliament.
Anonymous said…
Sorry to say that 'babus' will keep on discussing such anomalies in offices, buses etc. but will do nothing to invite the attention of the appropriate authorities.

So, better be happy with what we have, as nothing has yet happened the Pay Commission was announced in 2006 and now it is 2011.
Anonymous said…
for me the current ACP scheme is non-satisfactory, i think the Govt. should use the previous ACP pattern

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